Work in Progress – Robin’s Nest

I like what is happening with this nest…although it’s a little too perfect.  I think I will try to collage some of my dried grasses onto this.  Egg shapes are terribly hard to get right.  I painted these four on a sheet of silicone and pulled them off just to play around with placement.  I’m not quite sure if I will paint directly on the nest or build these eggs up and shape them as a 3D element and then fuse them.  I hope it works out, because I have always wanted to try a nest.  The encaustic is perfect for carving the texture into the nest.  Stay tuned!


So, I’m fairly happy with this, but I feel I could improve on it.  Let’s call it done.  I enjoyed painting the nest, but the eggs were less pleasant, mainly because I had quite a lot of trouble mixing the right blue.  

Colour mixing is it’s own “talent” I think.  It is a skill that continues to elude me, and I feel I often settle for a colour that is not quite what I want.  

Practice will get you there, but sometimes you have to live with the colour or waste an awful lot of paint!

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