Once again, the title trap…

Two new mini 4×4″ encaustics, but I am stumped for titles.   I really love these.  It’s nice to get away from reality, but it’s still there in the photographic elements.  Fortunately my dad is handy with wood, so I have a fresh stack of 4×4″ panels to play with.  Thanks, Dad!










I like the direction my artwork is taking now that I have figured out what works best as far as photo transfer onto encaustic.  I’ve done up a video demonstrating how to do this, but it’s 20 minutes long, so I need to figure out where to post it and then link to it.  Hopefully it’s not too cringey :)

Here is another new painting, called “The Trees by Our Place,” a 6×6″ encaustic mixed media.










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